Past Messages


Ron Waszczak, 2001 GCAGS/GCSSEPM Convention

waszczakWelcome to Shreveport and the 48th Annual Meeting of the Gulf Coast Section of SEPM and the 51st Annual Meeting of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies. Here experience once again the synergies of our co-sponsored convention. Our partnering relationship has been one of cooperation and success, fairing well four-dozen years! The theme of this Annual Convention—Odyssey to Success—is befitting of our historic journey together and of the potential of our shared "future state."

On behalf of the membership of the GCSSEPM, I extend greatest thanks to our Vice Chair, Lana Czerniakowski, and to our Editor, Mary Barrett. Their expert organization of the general and technical program has been absolutely critical in the production of this Convention and the Transactions. A special thanks is due Mike Nault, our Judging Awards Chair. Mike, a constant on our convention committee for many years, has again been relied on for his experienced council and advice in regard to affairs of this Meeting. Importantly, the GCSSEPM thanks our host, the Shreveport Geological Society, and the officers, committeemen and volunteers of GCAGS, for giving us this wonderful opportunity to gather together. During the next days when you see any of these folks among the crowd, please express to them your appreciation for their contributions of time and effort. They have made this, the 2001 Convention, a reality.

At the Awards Ceremony, GCSSEPM will confer its highest honors to three well-deserving individuals. Charlie Smith of the Geological Survey of Alabama, and Dick Buffler of the University of Texas at Austin will each be revered with the award of Honorary Membership. Paul Weimer of the University of Colorado will receive our Distinguished Service Award.

GCSSEPM will also recognize authors with Best Published Paper Awards for articles as they appeared in the Transactions of the 2000 Convention. The authors are: Dick Fillon and Paul Lawless, First Place; Ed Denmen and John Adamick, Second Place; and Marc Edwards, Third Place.

At the GCSSEPM Luncheon, meet and greet our distinguished guest and invited speaker, Dag Nummendal, President of the National SEPM.

By the virtues of our annual activities, the Gulf Coast Section has become the premier Section of the SEPM. This past December, we completed our 20th and most successful research conference "Deep-Water Reservoirs of the World". This coming December, we expand upon the deep-water focus with the conference "Petroleum Systems of Deep-Water Basins." For the remainder this year and the next, the GCSSEPM will continue formative plans for future Conferences, one with a "Sequence Stratigraphy" theme to be led by John Armentrout, and another on "Shelf Edge Deltas" to be led by Harry Roberts. The success of our Conference Series is a testament that the GCSSEPM does indeed serve the specific wants and needs of her following!

As my term of office with GCSSEPM draws to a close, allow me to take this opportunity to thank the current members of the Executive Council for their dedication, hard work and support. I thank the Section officers: President-Elect Tony D'Agostino, Vice President Tricia Santogrossi, Secretary Ilene Rex Corbo, Treasurer Terri Dunn, and Past President Mike Styzen. And I thank the Foundation trustees: Chair Nancy Engelhardt-Moore, John Armentrout, Mike Nault, Rashel Rosen, and Executive Director Norm Rosen. On behalf of all on Executive Council, please know that it has been our true honor and pleasure to serve the memberships of the GCSSEPM and the GCAGS.