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2014 33rd Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference

"Sedimentary Basins: Origin, Depositional Histories, and Petroleum Systems"

January 26–28, 2014
Houston, Texas
OMNI Hotel

The structural and depositional diversity of sedimentary basins is profound, effecting great variation in petroleum systems. This diversity encompasses rifts, sag basins, pull-apart and low-angle detachment basins, foreland basins, and divergent and transform passive margins, to name just a few. In addition, the need to understand the depositional patterns and processes of shale has increased dramatically in the last few years.

Technological advances in data acquisition are changing our conceptual models of many facets of geology. This, in turn, impacts the way we think, interpret data, and explore for energy resources. Examples include recognition of the ongoing dynamics of "passive" margins, visualization of the Moho with implications for heat flow history and crustal balancing, appreciation for low-angle detachment faults in extension, exhumation of sub-continental mantle at continent-ocean transition zones, sub-salt imaging, and listric fault control beneath seaward-dipping reflector packages which in turn controls subsidence histories at outer margins.

This conference is devoted to upgrading our conceptual models of exploration settings and to identifying the geological processes that create them. We also seek to highlight ties between these processes and depositional systems, along with implications for various petroleum systems.

We aim to present papers that document how sedimentary basins are formed, how sediments (including shales) are deposited in all types of basins, and how petroleum systems can differ in these various basins. Settings may come from around the globe. We expect to have sessions on specific margins and regions such as the "Gulf of Mexico," the "Atlantic," and the "Arctic, Pacific and Indian oceans." Talks for topical themes such as "rifting," "transform margins," "shale deposits," and "subduction-related basins" are also sought.