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New! Student poster competitions to take place during the 2014 Research Conference

The GCSSEPM Executive Council is adding a new item to the already exciting annual Bob F. Perkins research conference—a student poster competition. The competition is open to all currently enrolled geoscience students, and will run on Sunday and Monday evenings. Only the top 20 abstracts will be accepted for the competition. The poster subject matter should focus on the student's current research and can be independent of the Perkins conference subject matter. Student posters submitted to the main conference theme are also eligible for the competition. Poster format and submission instructions are available here. The deadline for submission was Friday, December 6. All submissions have been reviewed and the finalists announced.

There are some excellent benefits for all students who choose to enter the competition:

Posters will go up on Sunday evening and a formal dedicated "Meet and Greet" for the students will take place after the regular session ends Monday afternoon. An independent group of industry professionals will judge the competition during the Meet and Greet. Awards will be given out at the end of the evening on Monday night.

The GCSSEPM Executive Council is soliciting industry and personal contributions to support the student poster competition. If you or your company would like to participate and help make this inaugural competition a success, please contact Carl Fiduk at jfiduk@exchange.slb.com or any current member of the GCSSEPM Executive Council. The meeting is only as strong as those who participate and contribute. Help us now to create the geoscientists of the future.