1999 Conference Abstracts

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1999 Abstract: Loftin et al.

Advanced Visualization Techniques in the Geosciences

R. Bowen Loftin
Chris Harding
Dave Chen
Virtual Environments Research Institute
Mail Stop VTL-0903
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-0903 USA

Ching-Rong Lin
Continuum Resources Corporation
2424 Wilcrest #100
Houston, TX 77042 USA

Adrian Ugray
Peter Gordon
Keith Nesbitt
BHP Research - Newcastle Laboratories
P.O. Box 188
Wallsend 2287 Australia

Chris Chuter
Mojave Computer Graphics Software
1939 Woodvine Drive
Houston, TX 77055 USA

Mark Acosta
Pixel Perfect Software
2777 Woodland Park Drive, #1514
Houston, TX 77082 USA


This paper describes the development of applications for the interactive investigation of three-dimensional seismic data and geological surfaces interpreted from that data (using a projective workbench, or the CAVE™). This approach enables geoscientists to more fully exploit three- dimensional seismic data by providing them with a truly three-dimensional display of data that can be shared (locally or remotely) with others. In addition, the three- dimensional interactivity of this technology can support more productive interpretation of the seismic data and more efficient verification of the resulting interpretations. The result is an enhanced process for characterizing a hydrocarbon reservoir.