1999 Conference Abstracts

Below is a list of the abstracts presented at the 19th Annual Bob F. Perkins Research Conference. Click on the abstract title to view the abstract.

Authors Title
Armentrout et al. Analysis of Gravity-Flow Depositional Systems from 3-D Seismic Data: Neogene Deposits of the Niger Delta Slope
Bartek and Wellmer The Homogeneity and Large Lateral Extent of Fluvial Sand Reservoirs Produced During the Falling-Stage Systems Tract: An Example from the East China Sea Continental Margin
Lowrie et al. Potential Pressure Compartments Sub-Salt in the Gulf of Mexico and Beneath Massive Debris Flows in the Gulf of Cadiz
Lucas and Bartek Prediction of the Nature of Reservoir Heterogeneity of an Incised-Valley Fill and the Minimum Data Density Required to Characterize it: An Example from the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
Shanmugam Deep-Water Processes and Facies Models: A Paradigm Shift for the 21st Century
Belopolsky and Droxler Uppermost Pleistocene Transgressive Coralgal Reefs on the Edge of the South Texas Shelf: Analogs for Reefal Reservoirs Buried in Siliciclastic Shelves
McCaffrey and Kneller Stratigraphic Trap Potential on the Margins of Confined Turbidite Systems: Optimized Well Placement and Process Controls on Trap vs. Leak
Barton and Dutton Outcrop Analysis of a Sand-Rich, Basin-Floor Turbidite System, Permian Bell Canyon Formation, West Texas
Dutton and Barton Application of Outcrop Analogs to Reservoir Characterization of Permian Deep-Water Sandstones, Bell Canyon Formation, Ford Geraldine Unit, West Texas (Delaware Basin)
Slatt et al. Behind-Outcrop Borehole Imaging for Improved Characterization of Turbidite Reservoirs
Young et al. 3-D Ground-Penetrating Radar Imaging of Turbidite Outcrop Analogs
Yoshida et al. Outcrop Studies of Lower Cretaceous Tidal Sandstone Bodies for Reservoir Characterization of the Tilje Formation (Lower Jurassic), Offshore Mid-Norway
Sanabria et al. Climatic Control on Facies Architecture of Continental Stratigraphic Sequences in the Lower Jurassic Kayenta Formation of the Colorado Plateau
McIlroy et al. Applications of High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy to Reservoir Prediction and Flow Unit Definition in Aggradational Tidal Successions
Ahmad and Saller Geological Heterogeneities and Reservoir Model Based on Facies Architecture of Middle Mississippian Salem Grainstone Shoal, Illinois Basin
Moss et al. Reservoir-Facies Distribution Within Stacked Channel Sands of Falling-Stage/Lowstand Systems on Continental Margins with High Sediment Supply and a Low-Gradient Continental Shelf: Results from Analyses of a Modern Analog—Yellow Sea
Kjærefjord Bayfill Successions in the Lower Jurassic Åre Formation, Offshore Norway: Sedimentology and Heterogeneity Based on Subsurface Data from the Heidrun Field and Analog Data from the Upper Cretaceous Neslen Formation, Eastern Book Cliffs, Utah
Bryant et al. Knowledge Capture and Reuse in Geological Modeling
Bhattacharya et al. From Geomodels to Engineering Models—Opportunities for Spreadsheet Computing
Martinius et al. Multi-Scale Characterization and Modeling of Heterolithic Tidal Systems, Offshore Mid-Norway
Kerans Stratigraphic Correlation Surfaces and 3-D Reservoir Model Construction: Constraints from Walther’s Law Models and Outcrop Analog Data
Tinker et al. Sequence Stratigraphy and 3-D Modeling of a Pennsylvanian, Distally Steepened Ramp Reservoir: Canyon and Cisco Formations, South Dagger Draw Field, New Mexico, USA
Bartek and Cabote A Stochastic Model of Reservoir-Facies Distribution Within an Incised Valley Fill Deposited During an Interval of Episodic Sea-Level Rise: Upper Pleistocene– Holocene Strata of the Mobile Incised Valley System, Offshore Alabama
Loftin et al. Advanced Visualization Techniques in the Geosciences
Ladner et al. Refining Well Log Correlation in the Greater Enchilada Area, "Mexican Buffet Region," NE Garden Banks, Gulf of Mexico, Using High-Resolution Nannoplankton Biostratigraphy
Mancini et al. Integrated Geological, Geophysical, and Computer Approach for Predicting Reef Lithofacies and Reservoirs: Upper Jurassic Smackover Formation, Appleton Field, Alabama
Rosete et al. Integrated Characterization of Clastic Reservoirs in the Veracruz Basin: A Case Study from Novillero Field, Veracruz, Mexico
Saller et al. Reservoir Characterization of a Reefal Carbonate for Crestal CO2 Flood, Reinecke Field, West Texas