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2012 32nd Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference

"New Understanding of the Petroleum Systems of Continental Margins of the World"

December 2–5, 2012
OMNI Houston Westside, Houston, Texas

2012 Conference a resounding success!

More than 160 geoscientists attended the 32nd Bob F. Perkins Research Conference at the Omni Hotel in Houston. The exciting theme, "New Understanding of the Petroleum Systems of Continental Margins of the World" inspired 37 oral presentations and 6 posters that were presented over 3 days, from December 2-5, 2012. These oral presentations and poster sessions communicated the latest views on petroleum systems in frontier and mature basins around the world. Special thanks are given to the authors, presenters, and our corporate sponsors Hess, Shell, Statoil, ConocoPhillips, and Ion/GX Technology.

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During the past decade, numerous discoveries have been made in many deep-water basins globally, as well as ongoing significant development of previous discoveries. With many new companies operating in deep water globally, we assembled an outstanding, innovative technical program that summarized the recent successes globally. Conference proceedings on a CD ROM were made available to all attendees as part of the conference registration.

We presented papers that document some or all aspects of the petroleum systems of deep-water margins with major production and/or discoveries (source rocks, seals, generation, migration, reservoirs, and traps).

The conference addressed current areas of active exploration/development, and emerging deep-water basins. Current deepwater basins of interest include northern Gulf of Mexico (including the emerging Paleogene and Mesozoic plays), Brazil (Santos, Campos, Sergipe-Alagoas, Espirto-Santo), West Africa (Angola, Congo, Gabon Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, Morocco), eastern Mediterranean (Nile Delta, Levantine basin), west of Shetland Islands, Norway (recent discoveries), Indian subcontinent (Krishna Godavari), circum-Borneo (Baram Delta, northwest Borneo basin, Kutei/Makassar), northwest Shelf of Australia, and the Sakhalin Islands.

In addition, we addressed emerging deep-water basins of the world, such as east Africa (Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia), additional West Africa basins, Arctic basins (east and west Greenland, North Siberian Shelf, Beaufort Sea), southern Gulf of Mexico, north Africa (Algeria, Libya), eastern Canada (Scotian, Jeanne D'Arc), northern south America (Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname), Caribbean (Trinidad/Tobago), additional Brazilian basins, Argentina, Western India, Black Sea, and New Zealand basins.