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Honorary Members of GCSSEPM

Honorary membership is granted to those people who, for an extended period of time, have supported the activities of the Section and Foundation through their time, effort, and financial support. Before the Doris M. Curtis Medal was established in 2007, scientific contributions were also part of the criteria considered when granting honorary membership. Many of the members listed below first received the Distinguished Service Award, and then continued to serve the Section and/or Foundation in a substantial way. Their ongoing service to our organization has earned them Honorary Membership.

Year Awardee
2019 Tony D'Agostino
  Jory Pacht
2014 Brian Lock
2010 Denise M. Butler
  Rashel N. Rosen
2009 Michael J. Nault
  Michael J. Styzen
2008 Richard H. Fillon
2007 Paul Weimer
2005 Norman C. Rosen
2004 Sheila C. Barnette
2003 Marc B. Edwards
2002 William E. Galloway
  Peter R. Vail
2001 Richard T. Buffler
  Charles C. Smith
2000 Robert M. Mitchum, Jr.
  John B. Sangree
1999 John M. Armentrout
1998 Joel S. Watkins
1996 Harry H. Roberts
1995 Arnold H. Bouma
1994 Edward McFarlan, Jr.*
1992 James M. Coleman
1991 Ernest A. Mancini
1990 Benjamin J. Petrusek*
  C. Clarence Albers*
1989 Emmett Ray Adams*
  Jack O. Colle*
  John B. "Jack" Dunlap, Jr.*
1987 Don G. Bebout
  David E. Pope*
1986 Claude M. Quigley, Jr.
  William P.S. Ventress
1984 Gene B. Martin
  Bob F. Perkins*
  Edward B. Picou, Jr.
1981 Frank R. Lozo*
1980 William R. Paine*
1978 Stuart A. Levinson
  Fred L. Smith, Jr.*
  Charles W. Stuckey*
1977 Doris M. Curtis*
1975 Harold V. Andersen*
  Lyman D. Toulmin*
1973 Jules Braunstein*
  Grover E. Murray*
1971 Henry Bronislaw Stenzel*
1966 Edward H. Rainwater*
1965 Jules B. Garrett*
1964 Ester Applin*
  Alva C. Ellisor*
  Marcus A. Hanna*
  Henry V. Howe*
  Hedwig T. Kniker*
  Winnie McGlamery*
  John R. Sandidge*
* Indicates deceased members