Contact the GCSSEPM

The GCSSEPM and GCSSEPM Foundation are located in Houston, Texas at the following address and phone number:

2719 So. Southern Oaks Dr.
Houston, TX 77068
Phone & Fax: 281-586-0833

If you prefer, you can use the form below to submit a general question, concern, or comment to our Executive Director, Norman C. Rosen. *Name and *Email are required fields.


To contact a trustee or board member directly, see the following list of names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

GCSSEPM Foundation
Trustee Chairman Patricia Santogrossi 713-918-8240
Trustee Richard H. Fillon 505-394-0797
Trustee Jory Pacht 832-338-5928
Trustee Anthony D'Agostino 713-609-4544
Executive Director Norman C. Rosen 281-586-0833
President Ursula Hammes 512-471-1891
President-Elect Mike Blum 713-431-7554
Vice-President Don Van Nieuwenhuise 713-743-3423
Secretary Charlotte Jolley 281-544-3342
Treasurer Brandi Pool Sellepack 281-293-3366
Past-President Bruce S. Hart 281-293-5638