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Jules Braunstein, GCSSEPM Honorary Member

braunsteinIn order to honor members of our society who have made outstanding contributions to the sciences of stratigraphy, paleontology or sedimentary petrology, especially as they relate to petroleum geology in the Gulf Coast, the Executive Council of the Gulf Coast Section of the S.E.P.M. is authorized by its constitution to elect honorary members. In recognition of their contributions to the science of Gulf Coast petroleum geology and in appreciation of their untiring efforts on behalf not only of this society but also the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the Geological Society of America, the Council is pleased to elect Jules Braunstein and Grover E. Murray to honorary membership.

Mr. Braunstein's accomplishments in geology are widely known and his editorial achievements make him the most widely respected and sought after editor in the Gulf Coast. He is an active and dedicated participant in the functions of the G.S.A., A.A.P.G., S.E.P.M. and the American Society for Oceanography. During 1970-71 he served with distinction as president of the Gulf Coast Section of the S.E.P.M.

Born and educated in Buffalo, New York, Mr. Braunstein received degrees from George Washington University and Columbia University. He has worked for the Shell Oil Company since 1937 as micropaleontologist, geologist, and stratigrapher. Currently he is a Staff Geologist in New Orleans.