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Jory A. Pacht, GCSSEPM Honorary Member

pachtHonorary Membership is granted to Jory A. Pacht in 2019, who for an extended period, has supported the activities of the GCSSEPM Section and Foundation in a substantial way through his time, effort, and fiduciary advice and support. Jory’s ongoing sixteen-plus-years of service to our organization has earned him Honorary Membership.

Jory served as Trustee of the GCSSEPM Foundation from 2011 through 2018. He served the GCSSEPM Executive Council as Past President in 2005, as President in 2004, as President Elect in 2003, and as Vice President in 2002. Jory Pacht began his career at ARCO in the exploration research department in 1980, where his work focused on using seismic and wireline data to delineate depositional features. His work continued at RPI International as a Senior Scientist working on sequence stratigraphic and structural projects and at TGS as a principal geoscientist on regional offshore studies. In 1992, Jory founded Seis-Strat Services, Inc., a full service geological and geophysical company which employed up to 32 geoscientists on a full-time and contract basis. He sold Seis StratServices in 2007 to a staffing company. In 2003, Jory started EnergyQuest, an oil and gas production company with two partners. They became EnergyQuest Resources in 2004 and they purchased and developed oil and gas fields in Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, and Texas, and developed a large CBM position in the Cherokee Basin in Oklahoma and Kansas. In 2007, EnergyQuest sold their conventional assets to Layline Production and their unconventional assets to Constellation Energy Partners. Shortly thereafter, Jory and partners started EnergyQuest II, which owned and operated multiple oil and gas fields in Louisiana and Texas. EnergyQuest II was producing approximately 5500 BOEPD when he and his partners sold the producing assets to TPIC in 2010. Jory and partners founded Pintail Oil and Gas in 2013 and he served as CEO. Jory and his team built Pintail's production to over 2000 BOEPD. Jory left Pintail in 2016 and formed Telos Oil and Gas LLC in 2017. In 2018, he formed Strandline Energy to exploit untapped resources in Gulf Coast fields using horizontal technology. Jory A. Pacht received his B.S. in Geology from Ohio University, his M.S. in geology at University of Wyoming, and his Ph.D. in geology from Ohio State University. While finishing his Ph.D., he served as an Assistant Professor, Geology at Kent State University.