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FINALISTS for the 2014 GCSSEPM Graduate Student Poster Contest!

The GCSSEPM Executive Council is very pleased to announce the finalists in the inaugural student poster competition for the 2014 Bob F. Perkins Research Conference. The finalists and their research topics are:

Azie Aziz, University of Houston, Imaging buried culverts using ground penetrating radar: comparing 100 Mhz through 1 Ghz antennae.
Kherlen Batbayar, University of Houston, Changes in Late Cretaceous-Quaternary Caribbean plate motion directions inferred from paleostress measurements from striated fault planes.
Karilys Castillo, University of Houston, Paleogeography of the Cenozoic passive margin of northeastern South America in eastern Venezuela and Trinidad from seismic data and well information.
Cory Christie, Texas Tech University, The National Geothermal Data System and geothermal gradients in the US Exclusive Economic Zone of the Gulf of Mexico.
Dan Coleff, University of Houston, Geomechanical and acoustic properties measurements on reconsolidated mudrock constituents at reservoir stresses.
Dutch Crews, University of Houston, Understanding controls on production optimization in the Bakken petroleum system, Williston Basin: A geologic study of shale heterogeneities at the field level.
Marie De los Santos, University of Houston, The Lobo Formation of southern New Mexico: A Laramide syntectonic deposit.
Jessica Douglas, University of Southern Mississippi, Three-dimensional reconstruction of marine clay nano- and microfabric: importance to fluid flow dynamics.
Yue Du, University of Houston, Velocity analysis by residual moveout after migration from VSP data.
Evelyn Gannaway, University of Texas at El Paso, Comparison of the depositional and halokinetic history of suprasalt and subsalt minibasins at Patawarta Diapir, Flinders Ranges, South Australia.
Murad Hasan, University of Houston, Stages of Mesozoic rifting, magmatism, and salt deposition in the eastern Gulf of Mexico inferred from a grid of deep-penetration seismic reflection data.
Yiduo Liu, University of Houston, Oblique extension and basinward tilting along the CaƱones fault zone, west margin of the Rio Grande Rift.
Patrick Loureiro, University of Houston, Miocene to recent rift history of the Virgin Islands basin from integration of offshore seismic data, inland, striated fault planes, and GPS results.
Brian Ott, University of Houston, Role of the offshore Pedro Banks left-lateral strike-slip fault zone in the plate tectonic evolution of the northern Caribbean.
Josimar Silva, University of Houston, Recent advances in in-situ stress estimation through inversion of wide azimuth seismic data at the Middle Bakken Formation, Williston Basin.
Kurt Sundell, University of Houston, Cenozoic basin evolution and uplift history of the central Andean plateau, southern Peru.
Jiangbo Yu, University of Houston, Is there deep-seated subsidence in the Houston-Galveston area?
Jie Xu, University of Texas, Detrital zircon U-Pb and U-Th/He double dating of lower Miocene samples from the Gulf of Mexico margin: insights into sediment provenance and depositional history.
Jinyu Zhang, University of Texas, Tectonic-controlled stratal architecture variability of shelf-edge, growth faulted deltaic systems: a case study from the Frio Formation in Corpus Christi Bay, South Texas.

We offer our congratulations to these aspiring geologists and geophysicists and wish them all the best in the competition. Each will be given free admission to the 2014 Bob F. Perkins Research Conference. They are now tasked with creating posters on their research topics. Poster format details are available on the GCSSEPM website under the Student Poster Competition announcement. Posters need to be displayed by Sunday evening January 26th and a formal dedicated “Meet and Greet” for the students will happen after the regular session ends Monday afternoon on January 27. Judging will be by an independent committee of industry professionals during the “Meet and Greet.” Awards will be presented at the end of the evening on Monday night. Judging will follow standard SEPM guidelines.

The poster competition finalists are invited to a free 1-day short course on the Structural and Stratigraphic Framework, Northern Gulf of Mexico. The course will be taught in the Omni hotel from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Sunday January 26 prior to the icebreaker. The class instructors will feature past and current presidents of the GCSSEPM. In order of appearance: Carl Fiduk will lecture on the GOM origin/structure/salt tectonics; Mike Blum will follow with GOM stratigraphy; Bruce Hart will cover seismic data acquisition/processing/AVO/2D vs. 3D; finally, Ursula Hammes will talk on growth-faulted subbasins in the Texas Gulf Coast. Each student needs to confirm by email to Carl Fiduk their participation in the short course. We need to have an accurate count for planning purposes.

The GCSSEPM Executive Council is still soliciting industry and personal contributions to support the student poster competition. If you or your company would like to participate and help make this inaugural competition a success, please contact Carl Fiduk at jfiduk@exchange.slb.com or any current member of the GCSSEPM Executive Council. The meeting is only as strong as those who participate and contribute. Help us now to create the geoscientists of the future.